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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  February 18, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PST

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the >>: reporter: the time now is 7:00 in the morning anyone.
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temperatures all around the bay today. we will come back at 715 with a complete look at the forecast and will have your seven their rung of a forecast.
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bridge nothing reported to account for this traffic. again that's too many cars not enough planes in this church is saturated. for tracking at the than the south a mile in view slowing the ride on to san develop a 5 north brothers overturn accident at mach give boulevard. : reporter: so far there's no word as and as i find i will pass along that information. they've been very busy over the past five days trying to solve this murder. the so many
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indicators that people want this all because they're so much heartbreak. this happen saturday night five days later the candles are still burning. they are actually working at the restaurant bar and grill just a few doors down they heard the robbery they ran over here. here's the liquor store the liquor for less. we went into this liquor store here's a to get our hands on surveillance videos. >>: reporter: will show you the surveillance video this is on saturday night around 9:45 p.m.. intensive group of men going and that the time they're talking to each other now keep in mind that these are alleged suspects. the police to per man has not came out and said that these are the people that we're looking for. and in the later one of those men comes back and the store and tries to steal a box of the
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sleaze cigars. he takes off and during that commotion that disney and his partner they hear it and they run over 2,015 yds that man jumps into the car and then shots were fired by someone else from that car. >>: reporter: two bullets hit of any good he was rushed to hospital and later died. one of the window suffered a gunshot were is shattered in that video. he believes that the the died a hero. he leaves behind a seven year-old son so much of this that we still don't know i'm sure that the police department will also see the server and its video and for whatever reason they were not the ones to release it to us. as soon as i hear back from the place apartment i'll let you know. if you come out here you can't help but notice the
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sadness and heartbreak. they're stopping the making sure that the scandals are staying live. >>: reporter: dramatic video showing a violin competition between the bouncers at a nightclub. happened saturday night at the ford bar and lounge. you see the security guard tackling one man. in the head of security for the club said the action taken by the guard is not only warranted but follow protocol. one of the man punched the guard and spit in his face. >>:
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person. antioch police say he kidnapped a delivery woman at gunpoint early this month to go to a different location and attacked her. he was in court last week but then it didn't matter of the play is convicted and face life in prison.
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today following a major. they've been threatening to overrun occurred as a defense mission. the suicide the so close and location airstrikes were not possible. well that all changed now. there 40 isis fighters have been killed. their arrest several curtis cavities as well.
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to not do much also spread to melt the base. but temperatures in the teens it takes awhile for the stall to work. so the real option is more salt the more time. countless tons of salt have been spread on roaster rob davidson county. once the soil turns the case to sludge snowplows remove it to keep it from rephrasing and preventing the cycle from repeating. >>: reporter: it's six time until that time some areas remain impossible. divers must find another way. so we're not done with the speeding tires we're not done with the stranded motorists. we're not done
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with the bad ideas to get stuck cars unstuck. the key to surviving this winter blast don't give-ups' be careful and the opal another. slipping sliding getting stuck and falling down will be just a bad memory.
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shows you where the coldest weather is. it's the upper northeast of the country as 2 degrees is the high today for minneapolis myriapods
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and the adult the upper 50s to the low 60s.
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tracking an accident and all of you on highway 85 in the northbound direction for a while that this accident was reported on the shoulder but it turns out to be the center divider and the mergers seekers are on the scene. they're blocking the to left and lane's and this is jamming up the right to sunnyvale. it's affecting the rights coming up out of cupertino on 85. one
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bound. drive times over 30 minutes. so the drive times are over 22 minutes and the golden gate bridge is still moving well today. the vessel as it was just that at the richmond bridge there is a missing toll taker backing up the ride since the 6:00 hour this morning.
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virginia is raising concern over safety hazard of tanker cars carrying oil. other federal officials are pushing towards the number of trains carrying oil across the u.s. as it continues to increase. the oil in the real industries oppose the measure they say that it would be too expensive. you can see that the model of 1232 cars which already me a higher safety standard them with the federal law requires.
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including the side terrier the standard poodle in the own bush be goes she.
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coyotes are showing up more frequently in the valley. they say that these animals have been seen hunting during daylight hours. where maureen kelly talking to one woman about a frightening encounter she had with one of these animals. >>: reporter: to his residence as a month ago shoers walking and edgewood avenue when she came across a coyote standing in the road. she said tuesday was
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care of the coyote and looks like this will also from the mill valley. she found this disturbing because they happen at 1:00 in the afternoon. fiat is have been blamed for for five attacks. she's lived here since 1970 and she thinks that they're becoming bolder. one cat owner did not want to go on camera she said this is not only letting her cat out for a few minutes. this dog walker just move to the area she's glad to be put on alert. >>: reporter: she doesn't
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what'sapped tonackg?how d itecom abnt-mdedl eati onefterhe nt? we are areamchee tha stl beeves in saving r fo. thlaugng c. inve snaing.
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there but nothing too heavy at the moment. we have temperatures currently at the lotus mid-50s. this afternoon at the coast it will be mostly cloudy and the bay side of the peninsula where its partly cloudy skies with a few little sunshine here and there. look for mostly cloudy conditions later tonight as the fog returns. and then temperatures will drop back down into the fifties once more as you get to bed. that was a quick look at the peninsula forecast.
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interstate 280 and the fact is beyond to 80. it could start backing up the connecting door for the freeway and the no. 1 to 82 north bound 85. in getting more and more crowded as people arrived. on highway one no one and interstate 280 it's just a little sluggish at the 92 interchange.
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: reporter: the two robbers did wear a the be to make it very difficult to see their face. however those are real police if you do get a good look at the gun and and see what they use please call a very unique. on the 11,000 block of san pablo avenue into place a monday night just after 8:00. because he tubule cities walken said the store one of them argue --armed with a gun. ashbery's then take the cash a run-up of the restaurant this is the third person was possibly waiting outside.
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f >>: reporter: and police said that the cashier shot during this incident didn't expect. he is expected to be ok the rivers did where did these. they say is possibly a 410 shotgun cut down to the size of a puzzle that's a big leap for investigators because at this point the only description that the police have the of the to menus on the video is possibly in the 20's or '30's.
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father in a canoe but a wave hit their canoe on monday causing it to flip over. so they want to try to get help with they didn't see if he made it to shore or not. all three of them split apart gimel and louise eventually died from hypothermia. the rest survive in all the family is just devastated. his older brother one says that the sadness is overwhelming. >>: reporter: police was studying criminal-justice it wanted to become a lawyer. they were engaged to be married looking forward to starting a family after he graduated from college. he says now that they returned to a straight strong for both his mother and the rest of his family.
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herself and she is a fugitive for the past four years investigators say women were traffic from china and taiwan to work in various places. other suspects arrested back in 2011 she turned herself in yesterday morning she's facing charges of rock operating a house of prostitution.
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major blood force trauma.
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disneyland and selling california and illinois and day care center. they say most the people they got the measles were not vaccinated. some people are just too young to get the shot. it's unusual to see more than a hundred measles cases a year in the u.s.. it causes a fever, one no, as a rash.
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not be a certified meteorologist heads know this morning shining high in the '20s. with the west miss web site smitty commented since all bowls and that's the latest quote from new york city. they also take into elementary schools to talk about whether and science. there's a four pronged yorkie going at 240 lb massive. can you imagine a puppy? >>: reporter: things were posen and taken photos of submitting even though most were not sure why. they have a nose for the weather. actually knows has a nose for a yorkie clothing line.
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a typical dog to turn to a few think the weather is turning.
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the mill low 60s. we of the spots like fair freedom vallejo it will get about 70
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new england this morning. that the dig tunnels just to get out of their house of the sidewalks and the digging kind of threw sidewalks people are also seen skiing. massive snow mullins on the mit campus and the calling this the oldest of mit. there reporter: or looking at a hackers that google hired. return hope you stay safe on the internet that's coming up and our tax report. --tech report. [ female announcer ] know her way around a miniskirt. can run in high heels. must be a supermodel, righ you don't know "aarp. because aarp is making finding the career you love no matter what your ag a real possibility. go to to check out life reimagined for
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7:59 am
patron will show you what happened on camera.
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known were tracking study conditions out there and it's a bit cool.
8:01 am
temperatures will be seasonable meaning the low 60s. that is exactly what you'd expect reynaud in february and that will will have in store today.
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down. >>: reporter: pre well liked very loved in this seems like five days since to shot and killed in his see this vigil is still here the candles still burning this moments ago we saw someone stop by here and take some pictures of this. you can see a picture of the victim the candles have been burning for five days three he leaves behind a seven year-old son he was working rednecks toward the restaurant does burned her with his partner when the robbery took place. >>: reporter: it was that liquor for less this plenty of cameras inside we went in there against a to get our hands us to rillettes videos for area in the video you
8:04 am
can see a group of men going inside. the talking to each other one. they even do something with france. we don't know exactly what it was but that made hand movements and then they leave the store. in one minute later one of the man comes back into the store to steal a box of cigars he runs out and stumbles. >>: reporter: they realize what was going down here remember they had nothing to do with this would restore brother instincts kicked and they rushed over that man jumped into a car the police said that someone from that car possibly not the man who shoplifted but someone from that car fired shots at the to. finito was it two times and rushed to the us a little later died. san jose police get their hands on that video. we went in there and we get it. it's been
8:05 am
five days and they have not had a formal news conference. they're not given the stuff solid subscriptions. >>: reporter: but so far no word yet for the san jose police department with archer her from them on the newscasts of descriptions and the possible license plate or anything about these people then we will pass along to you in the meantime his visual continues to grow as a joke about the flowers candles and a very said seen.
8:06 am
looking for and a san will send he's of the land among he made his own way back to his car and he is been medical taken care of right now. he is the pain will never any more information we will bring it to you.
8:07 am
raping a peaceful diller every girl. he's being held on $6 million bill. they say this weekend of terror gunpoint early this month in richter. and raped her.
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on a promotion to decorate down let's. in a number of cases of measles going up in the u.s.. with tight monetary one our contracted the measles.
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islam and the southern california of the measles. the cdc says most of those people they got the measles were not vaccinated and some were children who were too young to get the shot. recently it was unusual to see under mes the pieces all year in the u.s..
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started to spread to the stall on the road to try the melt the case. is pretty incredible see tennessee is getting cold weather below freezing and even in dallas as well.
8:16 am
visibility the snap that everywhere else is looking all right. there's also the half moon bay but that just means it's a little hazy out there is not enough to make anything dangerous for you. the temperatures are mild 57 and the word oakland 54. we're getting a bottle the low 40's and entering mid 40 territory. the vessel get into the sixties later this afternoon. in fact will be in the low to mid 60's here and there. low sixties for the stay even softer '50s in concord matching data about 59 today. like it was yesterday that all-out along with them yesterday.
8:17 am
caused when and on just a little bit. we're looking for generally sunny conditions in the valleys. later in the week everybody will start to enjoy the sunshine more and more. high pressure will begin a pitched those calls further and further out. that's were expecting here around the bay affair heading up the tall here's a quick look at your smoke bomb ski report. we do have some snow for you to enjoy it. they get 51 in. at the summit.
8:18 am
the map here this morning it's the sure freeway ride its nasdaq is we've ever seen but is definitely slow. it's about 29 minutes were heavy again of concord and to walnut creek trippet
8:19 am
over 30 minutes this morning solid and to the mcarthur maze . the san mateo bridge is been mostly slowing go out and stopping goals and 630 this morning.
8:20 am
major assault prices last night about 30 mi. from overrunning a rock. .
8:21 am
was in this case supposed to stand for crispy cream club. it was initially the associated with a crewcut klan. it was supposed to come into a store and daiquiri donnas. were truly sorry for inconvenience or friends that this may have caused offense. they sent the movie of them from the facebook page will also serve pretty upset.
8:22 am
changes coming to people with the 415 area code will explain why you might get the change some of the numbers and your contacts trippet the bay bridge is backed up and were waking up to cloudy at 52 degrees in going to a high of 54 the day.
8:23 am
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and 311 and 511 those numbers will work the same as they always have.
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hanging around san francisco. here's a quick look at the headlines will will expect today. today morning clouds some fog but not bit of an issue. temperatures will be seasonable this afternoon which on average we will see this time in february. it will be a little warmer still at as we get to the week and will look for dry pattern to continue with temperatures the '70s. well let's look forward to.
8:31 am
the mcarthur maze and were still looking at 30 + minutes drive times from highway 24.
8:32 am
well another complete traffic check coming up.
8:33 am
story third person was waiting. >>: reporter: one recovered was holding a pencil or handgun but possibly a shotgun that was cut down small. the robbers were hippies that covered their face once they are caught there robbers they will face charges including assault with a deadly weapon. was for the cashier that were shot in the arm they say that she's out of the hospital and will be ok.
8:34 am
not the split apart and care moe and the least died from hypothermia. the older brother and one says that the sadness is overwhelming.
8:35 am
found damage to a window and they appeared at the window track and slammed into the building. he was pronounced dead at the scene he was burglarized and pushed to a major blood force trauma they they don't know exactly what happened at this incident.
8:36 am
tour of the weekend when he had to say about the movie 50 shades of gray. my name is tony sartorio. i'm a lineman for pg&e out of the concord service center. i have lived here pretty much my whole life. i have been married for twelve years. i have 3 kids. i love living here and i love working in my hometown. at pg&e we are always working to upgrade reliability to meet the demands of the customers. i'm there to do the safest job possible - not only for them, but everybody, myself included that lives in the community. i'm very proud to do the work that i do and say that i am a lineman for pg&e because it's my hometown. it's a rewarding feeling.
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the company. we get separate the mirror and explaining in the tech report. >>: reporter: the gaining access to bases that major retailers. there on the hunt for a security hole done daily basis. they are so beginning pay for it. >>: on the security princess for global. >>: reporter: google is a big company were also using their products on a daily basis. think about all the private information we trust with them. e-mail documents photos and more. imagine if will let their guard down. it would not be pretty. that's where this self titled security princess comes in. her goal is to keep us safe on the internet. especially for using google chrome browser. the grace of manages is
8:44 am
ticking for 25 experts and all sorts of online security the best hackers in the world. >>: reporter: my recent visit to goebbels--googles headquarters now we have black cats the bad guys and the white hats is the good guys will go hires. --google hires, their work lets us play without worrying about things like the certificates the team is constantly thinking like an attacker. looking for the holes the someone and i'd sit outside might exploit. >>: reporter: now the to know how they keepgoogle safe. until then if you want
8:45 am
more information go to our web site is a rich on tech doc tv. >>:
8:46 am
is the light shine that will deal rung for most of the day as you go around the bay. inland is where we will get sunshine and temperatures will be mild and seasonal. this is what we typically see here in the middle of february. outside this is the bay bridge approach. the mark
8:47 am
widespread lota mid-50s right now. eventually a warm-up it'll take a little while.
8:48 am
the weekend looks like the low seventies for the entire bay area this coming saturday and sunday. if you're adding up the talk is a quick look at just no bombs the report. or looking at conditions being decent. 51 in. of base. 45 and tall and 68 in. of base at amdahl rose.
8:49 am
8:50 am
you will recover from the earlier current problems with accident and at el camino.
8:51 am
night stayed by creek apparently did not sleep or have any food. he was only wearing running close including just this small jacket and a pair of shorts. you can imagine how cold it was last night. at about 8:00 this morning he went back to the trawler and walked out to us car were the deputies were waiting for him.
8:52 am
stephanie. take a look of the video he was seen placing both hands and stephanie carter shoulders using them for approximately 20 seconds and then lenin and and the school did in her ear. ashton carter reached over to places where hanna's wife shoulder. this video and the pictures of all gone viral this morning. of people are sounding off on twitter.
8:53 am
8:54 am
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whoa, is ia luhbox t a llown ba rrrr..a turabeau. you' makg meelt.shl we mini bybels 10 turachee and a ole t ofun. mi babel.snk a ttleigge
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ookse cholate w haa crunch.brkside cruny clters - crpy multi-gins and sweefruiflaved piecesdied in richark ocolate. diover brookside cruny clters.
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dirty get this oriented it did not have a light or anything with him so he ultimately found himself lost off the trial. he basically decided that he be best to hunker down for the night he found a creek nearby and stayed in that area at all may long until .. he only had running close on bin have any food any headlights he spent a cold dark night out by himself. >>: reporter: he finally found an alpine lake around some light at seven. if all this way back to the trial and ultimately walk back out to his car and was waiting there were the sheriff's deputies from marin county sheriff's department 30 officers were searching for him overnight which chance to talk to some of these rescuers. about 20 minutes ago they talk about some of the things he maybe could've done better. >>: i think he did a lot of things right yours mattel's
9:03 am
the money where your going when you plan to give back. his girlfriend did not know where he was going but we did have a good idea where to work look for his car. and that's still what time it gets light for the late and are pretty early. he got caught up by nightfall now lost and ended up off trail. it's particularly when you go out hiking in the late afternoon. it's a good idea to have a map he was not very familiar with this area. >>: reporter: he is chinese and swayback to san francisco little cold and a little hungry. but he is safe he did have this cellphone but unfortunately he left inside of his car. >>:
9:04 am
toll plaza behind me. it's cloudy and great conditions the cloud cover could get into the afternoon. his legacy will not see alatas sunshine in fact temperatures, climbing into the upper fifties to low 60s today. for making sure the kids have a jacket. serosa not too bad a 52. because we do have this done quite yet we do have an opportunity to warm things up. building is not really a factor.
9:05 am
look at the richmond bridge once again and the west 1580 ride here you concede that they have tolling number for opened up as they said they would rate at 9:00. whenever the issues were they were resolved and again this is a temporary situation does not like before when the actual handling shut down. you can also see that the traffic here is anticipated nicely for the west bound trip and no longer backed up to richmond and interstate 580. that is not the case here at the east bank we're still looking at some slow traffic here in and especially here
9:06 am
marin the to the toll plaza and then across the upper deck and to san francisco.
9:07 am
945 and that there's some many cameras inside this place we want to show you the blowholes. several shots were fired after the robbery. here is the victim who died on saturday night 34 years old many did need up. we're going to show you the servants feel that we get our hands on from the liquor store. the >>: nonagon cameron talk to us. it's a group of men walking into the liquor store. >>: reporter: the making hand movements and they're talking and then they leave the place a minute later one of them walk back into the store steals a box of salt sleeker cigars. he takes off and apparently made enough promotion for the security
9:08 am
guards run over from the liquor store and that's when that man jumped into a curve they say that someone from their car started shooting. >>: reporter: two shots hit many he was taken to the hospital and he later died. you can see that they head back live now in here's the scene it's been five days since this memorial continued to grow and it's up another 9:00 in the morning people stopping by paying their respects it's been a memorial fund for many in the reason why is he leaves behind a seven year- old son. >>: reporter: went to get the video it was ninth given to us by the police department i.e. melt last night mike holly j.r stone trying to reach out to the police department and never got back to left. i e mail them this morning in just a few minutes ago the
9:09 am
spokeswoman broke back to me i will no developments or new information at this time.
9:10 am
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university student behind bars and suspicion of assaulting his roommate yesterday morning. 19 year- old telling cans is accused of assaulting the victim with a knife. he was hospitalized and multiple cuts and stab wound. cam was also hospitalized a self- inflicted injuries and later booked into county jail.
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
9:17 am
it's still heading towards the shore freeway but that's not the case this morning. kerrthis 880 over crossing from the 80 approach is still out backed up over the east own lands of the toll plaza.
9:18 am
will weather-related delays for oakland and san jose international. with a blank the cloud cover and any sunshine whatsoever. temperatures are for the most are in the upper 50s. right now where are ready in the '50s and we could perhaps see a few low sixties in the livermore valley and in the south. and then a slight additional warming this afternoon.
9:19 am
70 around the bay forecast more sunshine. : the go have a good car per say the orders from the
9:20 am
from your in touch screen and it comes to magically it's really a sweet experience and as they're coming to their six month anniversary they're having a little bit of risk in the evaluation. >>: it's a cool company and people like and want to read books with and as well as the loyal to carry out there. i do like the stock. i like their competitor nike the deal with stephen curry start is he so easily marketable. he plays basketball he dominated the all-star game wife kids in his father played in the league is dad never done in detroit is a good role model. he's just for a tryout for under armor. >>: he started doing as with jimmy foxx. with muhammed ali had their profits are
9:21 am
small. this is compared to $28 billion with nike. is a rare case where like them both. ball to them syllabi them for the next year by and for the next 30 years if they dominate.
9:22 am
divisions here and there. >>: sony once was great and dominance. it's a regional for apple.
9:23 am
cannot get 20% u.s. f-15% europe. don't cash out everything maybe change your ways a little bit feces of values and what you do. : if one of the aggressive 41 get into germany and get that to one be passive. if he does google of germany and that some yet in no comment as a detail.
9:24 am
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call you make even if it's to another 415 phone number. officials are making the change because all of the available 415 area code numbers are willing to be used up by the end of this year. they're getting out the 418 code and the same geographic area that the 415 include.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
9:31 am
9:32 am
time they were over to san mateo.
9:33 am
will be okay and again there is some hurhopes that the confined the unusual weapon that was used trippet
9:34 am
9:35 am
domino's pizza deliveryman is doing core. he's been charged as an adult and being held once a six million-dollar bail the police say he kidnapped a delivery woman at gunpoint earlier this month to go to a different location and then raped her. he was in court last week but did not enter a plea this convicted he could vapor--a vaseface life from prison.
9:36 am
ring in jail for probation violation but they also think he killed more indoor tan at the chiropractor college. the officers responded to a report of a burglary in found damage to a window that was caused by a u-haul truck if they found stored to on the ground unresponsive his pronounced dead at the scene. they believe that he was to burn wards and the college when he died.
9:37 am
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have any weather-related that stretch weather-related delays there. slowly toward future cast. and then we could gain an additional one or two degrees as we head into to this afternoon break and then the highest in your neighborhood.
9:47 am
9:48 am
here for about the last 40 minutes drive time is below 20 minutes now now down to 13. adding a third lane northbound here at the richmond bridge it's going to close the fourth toll lane again here solid starting to back up in the right-hand lane.
9:49 am
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
heeding run witnesses pursued him and he a witness as carpal other drivers were able to box him until the police arrived and they recovered brass knuckles and they are a felony to possess and california. he was also driving with a suspended license.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
attempting to steal a box of switcher sweet cigars and moments later the glassy seen breaking in the field during those moments the witnesses say the security guard was shot and killed.
9:57 am
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